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Saturday, January 13, 2007

kitty: Bauhaus Textiles: Women Artists and the Weaving Workshop

American-UK Weaving book - Sorry MG it is out of print and I can only find it here to link to. Amazon

Bauhaus Textiles: Women Artists and the Weaving Workshop (Paperback)
by Sigrid Weltge-Wortmann, Sigrid Weltge
208 pages - 1998/04
Publisher: Thames & Hudson; New Ed edition
ISBN-10: 0500280347

No matter what your interest in textiles, the fact that you were a woman entering into the Bauhaus school of art in the 20's meant you were shuffled off to the the textile area.

I am only about half way through reading the book that Santa Elf MG got me for Christmas. It is taking me awhile to finish since I keep getting side tracked looking at the colour plates.

I am frankly really impressed with the frankness of the Author setting the record straight that even though there was a claim of equality at Bauhaus, obviously all these years my reading have been wrong.

The book is really giving me a new perspective on Eileen Gray's work and the obvious fight she must have encountered to study lacquer.

Thank you so much MG, it is an awesome gift and I will cherish it always. :)

beginnings, the weimar years, the gender issue, gunta stolzl, the questions of identity, the weaving workshops and johannes itten, georg muche and the 1923 bauhaus exhibition, the dessau years, dessau a new direction, from craft to industry, bauhaus fabrics, the purgem the legacy, the new frontier, the style

Silk tablecloth to Walter and Ise Gropius P 39
Ruth Hollos's weaving in viscose from 1927 p67
Margot Rolf a Student of Greten Neter-Kahler and Kitty can der Mikll Dekker 1974 p160

Book Reviews:

Sigrid Wortmann Weltge
Professor Emerita
History of Art and Design
Philadelphia University
School of Textiles and Materials Technology.

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