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Saturday, January 13, 2007

kitty: Japanese Craft Book -4579111184

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon Jp

Northern European Wonders - Beginning techniques
71 pages - 2006/10
ISBN-10: 4579111184

The book is adorable, really simple projects for each of the techniques; 2 from Finland - Tapestry Crochet in Korsnas and Fur Tape, 2 Denmark - Domino Strikke and I cord, 1 Sweden - Naverstrickning, 2 Estonia - Kihnu Vits and Estonian Spiral, 3 Norway - Crown, Tubular Stitch, and Bead Knitting.

The book is broken down by photo of project, step by step photo how to, then all the real instructions are in the back half of the book.

Tapersty Crochet in Korsnas - purse, tea cozy, egg cozy
Fur Tape - Purse, arm warmers, pillow
Domino Strikke - Coasters, footies
I cord - bracelets, scarf
Naverstrickning - wrist cuffs
Kihnu Vits - wrist cuffs
Estonian Spiral - wrist cuffs, foot warmers
Crown - crown
Tubular Stitch - Purse, Hat
Beading knitting - wrist cuffs, beaded bag

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