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Saturday, January 13, 2007

kitty: Japanese craft book - 4529043037

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon Jp

Marche Fall/Winter Vol2
112 pages - 2006/09
ISBN-10: 4529043037

The book seems to be a new magazine series they have come out with, this being volume 2. I have already read a review for volume 3. A collection of small projects for the home, some softies, trendy clothing, tons of adds for craft supplies we will never see in the states.

Mainly crochet, sewing. and knitting

His and Her scarves, bags, and hats, Over tee shirt tank tops, bags, place mats, tea cozy, coasters, curtains, blankets, softies, Mother and daughter hats, scarves, toys, blankets, Hip scarves, aprons,leg warmers, pillows, hand warmers, adorable socklets - footies, pins, and needle cases

Remember the super cute purse kits that Super Buzzy brought back from Japan on there recent trip. Here is an add for the kits.

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