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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

kitty: first FO for 2007

The Specs:
Pattern: Mia's Lace Sampler Scarf (My Own Pattern)
Yarn: Handspun - Roving from Spunky Electric Almost Solid in Redwood

I know I eluded to it earlier, that I had an FO to show but I hadn't made it to the mail box yet to send it to its recipient. It finally reached Mia this morning so I can finally post photos of the sampler scarf that I knit her in my handspun yarn.

Click Here - Click Here

I am really getting into the theme of Victorian Lace Sampler scarves and shawls. As I have done more and more research on them I am finding that they were just about as popular for young girls to knit as cross stitch samplers for there needlework studies. I think I have just fallen in love with the concept of lots of stitches place together as a study in one piece. And the bonus is if it is a hard pattern you know there are just a few dozen rows and you are done. I personally find myself just staring at the Victorian ones in aw of the different characteristics of the stitches.

PS: Don't forget to go check Mia out wearing the scarf on her site. It just made me so very happy to see her wrap it around her neck. (I love your green sweater by the way, Mia.) I just thought it looked way to cool to see it on her. She has a couple of other photos of the scarf. Merry Very Belated Christmas Mia... Lets see how long it takes for Happy Belated Birthday... I know I am so bad. Sorry.


  1. It's a wonderful scarf, and I love the color. What a great present, handspun and hand knitted.

  2. This is the second one of these you have worked on right? Have you thought of offering a pattern for the designs?

    I really love the old fashion feel of them.