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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

kitty: my shawl doth grow, said the little mouse to the cat!

My fancy lace shawl is coming along nicely. I just finished the first hank of the yarn and estimation after blocking is 2 hanks will = 102 inches give or take. So my constant fears of not having enough yarn to be able to do a frilly Shetland style border looks to be in vain. I think 102 inches will make a shawl that is long enough to do what ever I want it to do, and not be skimpy and leave me sad.

I am really happy with how it is growing. I have been trying to take a couple of hours each night in front of the fireplace just to enjoy life. Life is to short to be at a constant breaking point 24 hours a day in one's life. Yes, work has been bad these last couple of weeks. So I am really trying to de-stress a little each day.

So far there are 12 major lace patterns and I my goal is 25:

  • Two serve as a border - Simple diamond stitch and then an inner 4-stitch faggot stitch
  • Then there is also a 10-row pattern, that separates all of the patterns within the body to cut down on diagonal tendencies of lace. This was a trick that I learned in the class I took with Maggie Jackson.
  • The other 9 make up the body of the shawl


  1. Kudos for coming up with your own pattern!
    I am also impressed by your choice of a multicolored yarn for a lace project. I expect that it makes things more difficult.

  2. Lovely pattern and lovely yarn. Love the color!

    NO FO photos yet!!!!