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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

kitty: new lace project

After I finished the scarf for Mia there really hasn't been any knitting going on. (No, I still am a bum and haven't sent it to her yet since I was waiting on the rest of her Christmas present from Pick Up Sticks in Canada. Ah the joy of international shipping, sorry Mia.)

During this time though I have really been trying to think of a good lace project to knit. I was really tempted to join the Victorian Lace KAL, but something about the patterns just weren't clicking for me. Some because I didn't have enough yardage for what they called for, some because I was having trouble reading the charts backwards and didn't like how my stitches were looking in the patterns I tried. I also figured if it wasn't clicking at the get-go that really I need to rethink that much lace knitting. The book is absolutely beautiful don't get me wrong I have spent many a night just reading the patterns.

So I decided to come up with my own pattern. I really like the concept of the Victorian Sampler patterns where it is a wide variety of stitches. Something about these patterns helps keep me from getting board with the designs since you know there is always a new stitch coming up. Also I have been collecting every knitting lace book I can get my hands on and checking out the others from the library when I can find them.

So I sat down and charted out a pattern, we will see how it goes. Here is a little sneak peak of the design.

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  1. Well that was one place that I had planned on trying but I now know to question them about shipping. And don't worry, I know that you will mail the package eventually. And it is the thought that counts.

    And I think you need some lace weight yarn.....