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Monday, January 22, 2007

kitty: weave, weave, weave

I signed up to take another weaving class this quarter. I am absolutely loving the class. Though I have run into a lot of problems with the loom I am using. I look at it this way, I am certainly learning a lot with people there who can help me vs. at home where I would just be crying.

Lesson one that I learned the hard way, was make sure you wrap your back bar with heavy cardboard so that the tension isn't messed up by the strings that hold the bar to your threads. Or you will get to a point where you are unwinding and you loose all tension on your threads. Nothing like starting over mid project.

I ended up having to take off my first yard of fabric off the loom. Yes there are lots of imperfections and problems, but I love it. Dry Spun Linen with Tsumugi Silk. I have enough of the linen to do probably another 3 yards which is the plan. Lets hope the next yards don't have the tension problems I am running into with the first yard.

The magic of that first row for any new craft. My first couple of rows ever weaving with scrap yarns to get the hang of it.



  1. Congratulations on making your first fabric! It looks very good.

  2. So what does it feel like to join the weaving bloggers now?

  3. Does this mean that you are planning on making everyone woven presents this year? Good luck!!!!!