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Sunday, January 21, 2007

kitty: Little Angels Korean National Folk Ballet

"The Drum Dance," each girl dances while playing 6 drums, definitely our favorite set.

I often make comments about the fact that I wish I lived in a real city, but then there are times when good old Columbus, Oh surprises you. M and I went to see Little Angels Korean National Folk Ballet last night at the Southern Theatre. It is kind of amazing that there three USA cities they performed were, Detroit, Chicago, and Columbus, Oh.

M and I were so happy that we actually went. Normally it would be one of those things that we would just sit and talk about, but wouldn't get around to buying tickets. You can check out M's flicker area to see other pictures. And before you wonder all the photos were taken with his cell phone (w810i) and without flash. The event was not posted as no cameras allowed.

"Farmers are the root of Society"

English site http://www.koreaangels.com/

PS. Thanks Anonymous for posting, I wish you had left your email address, but I hope you see the url above. Hope you get to see them again. It was really amazing.


  1. I remeber watching them when I was 7 yrs old in the '70s in New Delhi, India. I have been waiting to see them here in the states. I guess I missed them this time as well. Do you have contact # or web address from their brochure?

  2. I really wish I could have caught it. Maybe it will hit the DC area someday.