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Sunday, January 14, 2007

kitty: Japanese craft book-4579111125

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon Jp -

From an actual knitting classroom
103 pages - 2006/09
ISBN-10: 4579111125

To be honest this book is way above my comprehension level.

I was at the local Japanese gift store and an a Japanese woman was looking at knitting books in the craft area and I picked up the same title that she was flipping through. One thing lead to another and she told me about this wonderful book she had just gotten that had really changed her skills in knitting. She latter sent me the isbn and I added it to my wish list to order the next time I ordered from Amazon JP.

I can honestly understand what she is talking about. Even with my limited ability to read the book goes into painstaking details in teaching you about the construction of the stitch, design, how different lace patterns need to be altered to do decreases for fitted garments, how to alter elements, how decreases look different one side to another and how to make alterations. It is definately a book about taking knitting in a classroom to learn about construction.

The book is a wealth of information, but I think one needs to be fluent to really grasp the full content of the book unfortunately. For me this is going on the shelf for when my comprehension improves.

Classic designs - turtleneck, cowneck, lace cardigan, peplum lace cardigan, vest, patterned cardigan, men's vest

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  1. I picked up this book twice already and then didn't buy, but now you are making me reconsider. The reason I hesitated is that the knitted samples have an odd colorization that for me makes them hard to look at. I'll check it out again next time I go to Kinokuniya. I've also been lusting after the Setsuko Torii book. Thank you for posting all the books and pictures.