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Sunday, January 14, 2007

kitty: Japanese Craft books - 4895113825

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon Jp -

Setsuko Torii Hand Knit Works
143 pages - 2006/09
ISBN-10: 4895113825

Felicia at Sweet Georgia posted about Avril a couple of months ago after she got back from JP. She linked to there site where they had posted about a 15th Anniversary book - Setsuko Torri Hand knit Works.

If you are in love or obsessed with the kits at Habu, you will absolutely love this title. It features a lot of the yarns that Habu carries as well as obviously ones you can only dream of.


Shippo tail tanktop, Chinese style pullover, Tsumugi gradation circular cardigan, Tsumugi Graduation coat jacket, Patchwork skirt, Mohair tube Suit, Washi Moire and silk vest, Washi Moire silk Jacket, Gear Linen Tunic, Picot Tunic, Fufu Fufu Cardigan, Wahi and Tsumugi Coat, Tsumugi Reversible Jacket, Cotton and Linen Tailored Jacket, Tsumugi Gradation Coat Jacket, Silk Stainless Cardigan, Tsumugi Gradation Bottle Collar Vest, Tsumugi Gradation Circular Cardigan, Tsumugi Gradation Skirt, Warp Yarn Bolero, Washi Ring Cardigan, Lamb Linen Short Pullover, Cashmere Colorful Cardigan, Cashmere Border Pullover, Bat wing Bolero, PomPom Moire Pullover, Knit Felt Coat, Knit Felt Shawl, Seaweed Necklace, Zabuton Bag, Kinchaku Bag,

Section on Avril Yarns, Knitting, and Patterns


  1. aloha,
    what a thrill to discover your post about that setsuko torii book! are patterns for all the pieces included in the book? are the projects' yarns listed in english? if so, i'll order a copy immediately!
    hope you feel better soon. i know the salty saimin always makes me feel better.