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Sunday, January 14, 2007

kitty: yep, i'm sick

The funny things you do when you are feeling really under the weather and your body hurts to much to sleep, but you have no concentration to knit, work, or breathe.

Yep, you guessed it I organized all my Japanese craft books and realized that I hadn't posted about a lot of them. So I am trying to catch up my postings.

I have also been eating a lot of salted ramen inspired by a new cooking show I am watching from Japan, Dotch. Hailed as the new Iron Chef successor.


  1. hmmm that bowl of ramen looks so yummy :) you really made me feel like fixin' some for myself. Hope you feel better kitty kitty. Thanks for posting all those lovely mags. I never get tired of looking at japanese mags.

  2. Dozo odaijini! Feel better soon.

  3. If you miss dotch, I have collected videos of Dotch Food match-ups on my site


    I know you will enjoy it!