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Friday, January 12, 2007

kitty: new Japanese craft book

Japanese Craft Books - Hanna Gifts Columbus Ohio

Cotton time plus - with patch work (large-sized book)
82 pages - 2006/08
# ASIN: 4391622866

This Japanese craft book displays groups of finished pieces intermixed with fully illustrated instructions. The Pattern pieces are on heavy weight paper in the middle to be cut out.

Quilted blankets, picture frames, pillows, wall hangings, place mats, bags, ornaments, key rings, cups, handbags, skirts, night shirts, tank tops, pants, checkbook covers, book covers, and softies.

The book is mostly Japanese with a few key english phrases as titles.

(You may notice the way that I am laying our the Japanese craft books is a little different. I really loved the way that FluffBuff lays out her book collection. So I have used her layout as inspiration for hopefully a better presentation and information on the titles. Check out here Japanese books. They are truly amazing.)

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