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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

kitty: wow... thank you so much, Mia

The Photo up above pretty much sums up the wonderland of gift my dear friend, Mia sent me for Christmas. OH ME, OH MY... I just had to post a thank you note and share all the goodies inside.

Gifts for the whole family, even the kitty girls took the box. She really out did herself and I am in total all and amazement. I keep taking M's chocolate covered Altoids and squeezing yarn in pure delight. Thank you so much Mia.

Just had to share the amazement that I kept unwrapping...

The first photos are from Christmas Morning, Mia sent me a sock book I didn't have and M some Chocolate Coal, pop rocks, and Coal Bubble Gum. We put the bag under the tree until Christmas Morning. I just hadn't had a chance to post the photos of M opening up his coal yet.

So what did I get today?

1) A cute little hand knit hat - Mia must have realized that I never put anything on my head when I go out in the cold. I have no excuses now since she knit me two wonderful hats. :)
2) Yarn Pirate yarn - Hydrangea colourway
3) Mama-E's bought from Cloverhill Yarn Shop Superwash Sock Yarn - Random Fibers - Or for me the exact colours for my High School, "Go Patriots!" Though now maybe Mia needs some buckeye yarn?
3) Fleece Artist - Seashore
4) Mama-E's bought from Cloverhill Yarn Shop Superwash Sock Yarn - Cloverhill Signature 1 colourway
5) Sweet 'N' Tangy - Superwash Merino from Yarnahoy
6) Sunshine Yarn - Flamingo - Hehe, did I ever tell you I was obsessed with Flamingos and Penguins?
7) Rustilicious Superwash -Superwash Merino from Yarnahoy - I am really excited about this one. I really wanted to try some merino and tencel sock yarn. I think this is the one I will knit first out of the wonderful loot.
8) Some lovely pink Roving
9) Spunky Electric - Electricfield Florals Roving.- Her roving really does have amazing colours. This is the 4th colourway I have seen in person and they are all lovely.
10) Mishutka Design Studio - Pomegranate Yule, Cranberry Xmas, & Oriental Spice Bath Teas - They all smell so gooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddd!!!!
11) A Truly Beautiful Needle case with Oriental Double Happiness Fabric in blue and teal. Pretty funny since Mia and I talked about needle cases on Monday, no wonder you thought I should wait.

Oh and one can not forget the Sock key chain, pig key chain, and a great sweater book............... WOW, is all I can say.

Thank you so much Mia for the amazing Christmas Presents..

By the way there is no way M is getting the Altoids. Oh my god... They are so good. I must stop eating them and eat lunch.


  1. Why do you think I sent you 2 boxes of Altoids? One for you and one for M. Simple math really.

    And I am happy that he found his piggy key chain. I like the fact that both of them squeal when you turn them on. And the kitty girls can have fun playing with the,/ And the Clover Hill yarn is actually Mama E's yarn.

    And it is really nice to see the joy on M's face about his coal. He is easy to please with candy.

  2. whoa! haha that's a load of knittery goodness! Happy knitting! :D