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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

kitty: Samplers (Fitzwilliam Museum Handbooks) - 1851773096

Samplers (Fitzwilliam Museum Handbooks)
by Carol Humphrey
Cambridge University Press (April 28, 1997)
ISBN-10: 0521575923

Ingram Annotation
This lavishly illustrated book brings together a selection of English and Continental samplers of outstanding quality and interest. The selection includes examples from the fifteenth century to the twentieth, showing the development of techniques and changing fashions in design. It brings alive the many social reasons for the sampler’s manufacture and decoration, from providing an early ‘curriculum vitae’ to illustrating the accomplishments of young ladies. The introduction and full descriptions explain their significance, style, and materials and all examples are shown in full colour.

Kitty Kitty:

This was probably my favorite book, there are a wealth of examples and a lot of different samplers that are not commonly seen in the other books.


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