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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

kitty: Samplers (The Shire Book) - 074780365X

Samplers (The Shire Book)
by Pamela Clabburn
Shire Publications; 2nd edition (August 1997)

Back Cover
Samplers have a long history in Britain, dating from the sixteenth century. They were originally a collection of patterns gathered together for easy reference to be used in embroidery and needlepoint lace. Later they developed into a schoolgirl's exercise and today they are more often used to record stitches than patterns. This book traces the history of samplers in Britain from the late sixteenth century onwards and includes examples of long, darning, map, school, stitch,and plain sewing samplers as well as those associated with great events and private grief and joys.

Kitty Kitty:

A small book, only 43 pages, but richly packed with examples. I really enjoyed reading through the pages and trying to figure out the stitches. Since it was so small, I wish it had all been in colour. Though beggars should not be choosers we have it as a great reference book.


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