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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

kitty: how fast do you knit?

Mg and I have been talking a lot about the speed in which we knit lately. She always wonders if her speed will increase and she will be able to finish a pair of socks in a week. I always complain that I feel so poopie because I feel like I am a slow knitter. Then she tries to comfort me with kind words and reassure me that I will be able to meet our weekly goal. Then there is the nagging question of whether we will do any other knitting this year other than socks. If only I was a faster knitter I point out. :)

I feel like I am a slow knitter because when I was younger I was able to set in the corner of the family room couch and churn out a sweater (short sleeves, my mother casting on, and no seeming) on a Sunday afternoon if I didn't have homework to finish. I had my special little technique that allowed me to push off the stitches while the needles were held perpendicular to each other. It always amazed me when the fabric flew off the needles. I felt like such a speedy knitter back then.

But fast forward to today, I am no longer able to do my special technique because I have gained too much weight. That among other things is something I really miss being able to do because it was so comfortable to knit that way. The technique didn't require your hands to hold the weight of the fabric. I also haven't touched the piano in over 18 years. Looking back at it I attribute my speed of knitting to piano. My fingers were in there top concert shape back then and twinkling the ivories was something that I did daily. I remember flexing my fingers and actually having muscles that bulged, heheh the only muscles that have ever bulged on my body.

All that considered I still wish I could knit as fast as the old days. Though if I am honest with myself I am not too shabby. I cast on the sock above last night after dinner on US1's doing 1*1 ribbing for 7 inches and got that much for the foot done in a night. Now if I just didn't have to do work I would be finished today.

Must Knit Faster, Must Knit Faster, Must Knit Faster

Knit, Knit, Knit

The lovely calendar page living on the piano was a wonderful surprise that I received from Andrea last month. She has been taking a letterpress class and this was one of her beautiful hand printed pieces. Thank you so much again.


  1. um, i do not comfort you with kind words. i merely tell the truth: you are sailing at the sock pact pace without breaking a sweat.

    whether you'll knit anything other than socks? you started an orenburg shawl (more than 3/4 completed now) on the side. make friends with the knitterly truth, young lady.

  2. You may be slower than you used to, but you're no slow knitter. If you are, then I'm a slug!

  3. Okay, you are the one who can finish a sock in a few days. Some of us take a little bit longer. And MG is right in that you have started a new shawl and have another in the works. Plus you like to pick out sock patterns that require some thinking. While on the other hand, I stick to simple patterns and can crank them out. But compare the complexity of the patterns? No need to say more.