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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

kitty: #50 & #49 socks - tuesday update

I know what you did last night....

and it wasn't play with me!

Yes, it is true... I was knitting like a crazy sock knitter trying to finish up Sock #49. Audrey was not a happy cat and is still pouting up a storm.
Sock #50: Well Traveled Jaywalkers
Completion date: May 19, 2007
Yarn: Sweet Georgia Yarn
Colour: Roy
Content: 100% Merino
Pattern: Jaywalker, by Grumperina.
The well-traveled Jaywalker finally came off the needles in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I really learned my lesson that doing the same pattern one right after the other really slows my progress. The whirlwind traveling really didn't help either. The last couple of inches were painfully slow. Since in the past I could knit a pair of Jaywalkers in 4 days. This pair took a little under 2 weeks.
Sock #49: Twisted Flower Sock Pattern
Completion date: May 19, 2007
Yarn: Louet Gems Pearl
Colour: Roy
Content: 100% Merino
Pattern: Twisted Flower , by Cookie

Before MS&W I had knitted a few spare socks that I just hadn't gotten to finish. I figured I would keep them around as my padding since I knew there would be weeks where 1 pair of socks was just not possible. The sad thing is I know only have one left in the stash.

I can happily say that I have finished Twisted Flowers Socks. It is a really beautiful pattern and I really love how they turned out.

The problem with them is the yarn has left a bitter taste in my mouth, but Louet did send me replacement yarn. I also talked with one of my LYS and they have had a couple bad hanks as well. She felt that since the yarn has become really popular the quality is spotty as of late. So this is something to keep in the back of your mind before you buy, it doesn't hurt to check the hank twice.

The yarn experience has kind of tarnished what would have been such amazing socks. They are still amazing socks and I do love them.

Tuesday Tally
Sock #52 - Broken Rib in Apple Laine - Apple Pie
Sock # - Happy Birthday in unknown
Sock #51 - Jaywalkers in Sweet Georgia
Sock #49 - Twisted Flower Sock Pattern in Louet Gems Pearl
Sock #50 - Jaywalkers in Sweet Georgia


  1. Congratulations on maintaining your crazy sock schedule. I am actually impressed that you can knit a pair of Jaywalkers in less than two weeks.

  2. Well, if you need more sock yarn for plain simple socks, say no more. I am sure that I can spare some. I think I have some orange somewhere......

    And I like your Jaywalkers. I like that color. And the Gems Pearl that I will be sending you is some that I have had for awhile. So hopefully no problems with it.

    And so what were you doing last night instead of playing with the kitties? Kitties will get revenge when you least expect.

  3. Your sock progress is impressive. I can not imagine how you are maintaining the sock schedule. I second Francesca, it took me a month for Jaywalkers.

    How is MG doing? I haven't seen her post about her progress.

  4. Wow... Twisted Flowers is lovely.

  5. One Twisted Flowers sock in a week is impressive. The thought that you were able to do it in less than three days is crazy.

    Lovely socks. The schedule seems a bit crazy to me. 52 socks in a year, good luck.