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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

kitty: mystery stole 3 kal

Yes, it is official I have hopped on the band wagon and joined the Mystery Stole 3 Kal. With oh another 2453 people it looks like. If you haven't signed up yet to join the madness you still have a few days, the starting date is June 29th. (Maybe I can be knitting phase 1 as I stand in line for the iphone that launches at 6pm on June29th!)

I was really disappointed that I didn't find out about Mystery Stole 2 last time around, so when Mia sent me the link I signed up. One of the women in my Maggie Jackson class was knitting it and I fell in love with her shawl.

So we will see what happens.


Habu Textile : A-81 Kinari 1/6 wool
Content: 100% wool
Weight: Fingering
Needles: US 3 (36 stitches to 4 inches)
Cost: 19.96 for approx 1581 yards

I have to say since the pattern is a mystery I really hesitated to spend a lot of money on yarn for the project. The theme is for either a black or white shawl so when I first went looking for yarn the possibilities were huge. Then rational thinking hit what if I hated the pattern. Spending $100+ for some of habu's more exotic amazing offerings seemed risky. So I decided on a simple yarn.

It is amazingly soft, I love how it blocks, and most important inexpensive!


  1. Wow, is it really that many people doing the mystery stole? I am so impressed with all of you who are doign this, because I could never put that kind of time and effort into something that I am not sure I'll like. The Habu yarn is really nice. I've seen it at Purl Soho and almost bought it, then stopped only because I didn't have anything in mind in white.
    I hope you'll post progress pictures as you go.

  2. YEAH.... Habu Love!!!