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Friday, June 22, 2007

kitty: tick tick tick 5:00 am in a house in Columbus Ohio, Summer of Socks

The Summer of Socks has begun. I knew the first day of summer was going to be a crazy one in my life. One of our clients is getting married this weekend so I have to take up his normal workload, mine, all this on top of three major deadlines. So if I was going to get in any knitting done on the first day I had to start when the contest began. The alarm rang promptly at 5:00am and the needles were pulled out and the yarn cast on.

(Updated)I hope this will help spur on the 52 socks in a year challenge that MG, Mia, and I are doing. Both MG and I are feeling really burned out maybe this will serve as the great motivator for me. Mia on the other hand is winning the race. So in hopes to keep from being burned out I decided to start working out my own patterns. So we will see the contest is just an added bonus for the challenge.

It is weird to see how the light changes in my bedroom.

Also some very cool news, I just signed up for three classes taught by Nancy Bush for next January.

January 30 -31 The Yarn Shop, Columbus, Oh

Course Descriptions

Heel to Toe
This 3 hour seminar will focus on heels and toes in sock construction. We will look at several examples of shapes of heels and toes, how they differ and when to use them successfully. Each student will be able to try the techniques offered. We will also cover some lock lore and tips for making successful socks. Experience with double pointed needles is useful for this class.

Tvåändsstickning/Twined Knitting - 6 hour
Travel to Sweden in this workshop! We will study the traditional technique of two end, or twined knitting, a special way to make mittens, gloves, socks and other warm and sturdy projects. Learn how to carry the two yarns, how to make interesting textures and how to add in colors - all while making a wonderful pair of mittens! Students would be familiar with using double point needles for this class. There will be a materials fee for special Z plied yarn. For the intermediate to advanced knitter.

Knitting Estonian Lace - 3 hour
Estonia has a lace tradition spanning nearly 200 years. Learn about the stitch patterns and some of the history of these lovely garments. In this workshop, students will learn several of the unique ways Estonian knitters use to create texture in lace. For the intermediate to advanced knitter.

I am so excited and I just had to share. Hopefully I can entice MG to join me in one or two of the classes. I am keeping my fingers crossed she will come.


  1. First of all, admit the truth that while the alarm may have gone off at 5 am, you were already up. You stay up all night. And I though I was part of the 52 pairs? We all just needed a lace break is all. Remember to take it easy this weekend. All work and no knit is a bad thing....

  2. Actually I had an entire hour and a half of sleep on the first day of summer. I actually went to bed around 3:30 so I could get up at 5 and then back to work for me. :)

    Yes Mia, is most definitely part of the 52 challenge.. Though she is winning the race currently and hasn't experienced sock burn out MG and I are suffering. Her sock obsession has lasted a lot longer so I wonder how she has escaped burn out.