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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

kitty: habu love

Today's post is for no other reason than to Habu love. Here are some recent purchases and my lovely b-day gift from MG.

Yes, thats right... Habu wins the prize!

Item #: A-60 "shosenshi" paper in 113 Red
Item #: A-166 2/30 ramie 100 in 6 Charcoal from MG for my Bday

And please do not ask how long it takes to role a ball of the linen paper. It was insane how long it took. MG was sweet enough to help me role my ball to make paper lanterns. I decided that I had to make some after Olga Jazzy posted about them. Because really who doesn't need little paper Chinese lanterns.

MG also purchased some of the Shosenshi paper at Knitters Connection to make lanterns as well. I promised to help her role hers the next time she comes to Columbus. No one should face it alone!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    What a lovely set of gifts. One simply cannot go wrong with Habu. :)

  2. So have you managed to knit a lantern yet? And happy birthday!!!!

  3. Priscilla, you are funny and so true! I love the Lantern you made on top of upside down cone! It took me about 2 hours to wind that hank down by hand, ball winder just doesn't take it. So when i was getting more linen paper this time i made sure I would pay extra just to have it wound on one cone. It's just too purty but too painful to do it by hand again! Happy belated Birthday again!