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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

kitty: what ever shall I do?

So the deadline for Mystery Stole 3 is upon us, and the first clue will be posted on Friday. While most people on the list have finalized their choice for yarns, I have more uncertainty than ever.

MG and I got to talking last night and I decided to head her suggestions and swatch some of the yarns in my stash. The original yardage requirements have now been lowered so there are more options available in the stash. Only a few in the correct colour ways (white or black)

The reality of the situation is that I have this great tendency to buy wonderful yarns, but then in the end add them to the stash buckets with the pretense that I am saving them for a wonderful project. Or I make the excuses that I am not worthy of something knitted in xyz yarns or that my skills are not up to par. So yarn sits, I become stressed because the stash is growing and all around I am unhappy. When I should be on cloud nine because I have such a wonderful yarn.

So here goes, swatching from last nights stash diving. I did get my deadline done between swatches. There are a few more if I get time to swatch, but I need to look up a reference tonight for a friend.

Habu - Silk Mohair Kusa - item #: A-32 1/12 silk mohair
60% mohair/ 40% silk
Knit on size 0 US
3 inches by 1.25 inches (30 stitches by 2 pattern repeats)

This yarn is amazing, but I have to be honest to knit with it I really want to know that I am madly in love with the pattern. Size 0 needles are actually a little big to do the K1Slip2.

Ami Ami - Szack
100% Wool
Knit on size 0 US
3.5 inches by 1 inches (30 stitches by 2 pattern repeats)
Whether I have enough yardages to use this yarn is up in the air. I cannot remember how many grams I bought so I would need to weigh. When I first bought this yarn I really was not capable of knitting with it. I felt really accomplished that I have progressed to a skill level that allowed me to knit pretty quickly.

The stitches have nice definition, though upon blocking it really didn't grow much in height just by width.

Habu - Cashmere - item #: A-34 2/26 cashmere
100% cashmere
Knit on size 1 US
3.5 inches by 2.5 inches (30 stitches by 2 pattern repeats)
I have enough yardage in the cream that I posted yesterday.

The yarn was absolutely a dream to work with and I couldn't believe how much the little swatch grew when it was blocked. It is certainly a happy little swatch. The question is do I want to use cashmere for a project I may or may not like?

Habu Textile : A-81 Kinari 1/6 wool
Content: 100% wool
Knit on size 3 US
4.5 inches by 2.25 inches (30 stitches by 2 pattern repeats)
This was the yarn I had originally decided on. I have more than enough yardage; it would be super quick to knit since I could use 3's instead of 1's or 0's. The shawl would be warm for fall, but not airy enough for spring. Cheap yarn investment.

Habu -Discontinued - Bamboo 20/2
100% Bamboo
Knit on 3 US
5 inches by 3 inches (30 stitches by 2 pattern repeats)
I think the guage is far to big for the project at hand.

HELP!!!!!! If you have a favorite let me know. I can not decied.


  1. I so understand your dilemma. I always have the same dilemmas when knitting laceweight. Can't decide whether I want this shawl in this or that colour, then not sure if I have enough yarn, and finally can't decide on the appropriate needle size. Looking your swatches, the Habu Kinari one looks best, but at the end of the day, you've got to like the one you choose, so all the best!

  2. Hmmm, deep deep down there will be a favourite lurking in your heart. I am drawn to the Red and the White - but only you will decide.

  3. Given the yardage, cost, needle size, etc., I would go with the white yarn as you had originally planned. I love the orange/red cashmere, but I would probably keep that for something I knew for sure I was going to like.