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Thursday, June 28, 2007

kitty: mesh lace trend on the runway

Earlier in my life I had the great fortune to see a peek at an amazing private lace collection. The collector had spent a life time traveling the world picking up tid bits, scraps, monastery works, fans, you name it if he found it he would pick it up to add to his collection. The original collector passed away when I was in college and he passed it on to someone I regrettable have really lost touch with, one of the great sad nesses of my life.

At the time, though I appreciated the collections beauty, I really regret not taking closer notes and making sketches of the different designs that mesmerized me. My feelings of appreciation for his collection has really magnified in the last couple of months as I have begun my course in studying knitted lace. Something that I wish I knew was in his collection. :(

Little did the Korean woman stopping at the Tea Zone know would really change my life. The result is that I am trying to acquire as many of the lace resources that I can find. What saddens me is really the lack of publications on the top.

One thing that really has been exciting me of late is to see how more couture designers are working lace into their garments. Not that they have progressed to the 16th century Italian ecclesiastical uses or the 17th century court costumes for males and females where elaborate ruffs, collars, cuffs appear in just about every European portrait of the day. But amazing and innovative lace is walking down the runway.

Olga from Knit Creations of A Curious Mind, posted this image a few months ago from the Spring collection of Oscar de la Renta.

(Photos are from Sytle.com Resort 2007 Oscar De La Renta- Runway of other crochet items)

Though the through of crocheting that adorable coverup really terrifies me, I have been seeing a lot of the similiar techniquest in Japanese craft books and one of my favorite Japanese sites. So I thought I would put together atleast a few references and examples I have seen.


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* Macrame Tecnique

2007 International Freeform Crochet Exhibits


Mesh Work
Prince of Knitting
98 pages
ISBN-10: 4529037207
ISBN-13: 978-4529037204
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This is probably one of the most comprehensive technique books on the subject you will find. Multiple pages of step by step instructions with photos of each step in the process. It is broken down into different lessons for the beginner through the experienced. It takes you step by step setting up the working surface, laying out the motif's, crocheting the connecting cords, and then showing you the needle lace support structures.

Winter 2006 vol 132
185 pages - 2006/10

Printed by Nihon Vogue-2006
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  1. Gorgeous! I'm all about some lace.. which is why I was fortunate a while back to pick up a bag of "useless junk" at my hubby's grandmothers house which contained small rolls of hand tatted lace and very old manufactured lace. I'll post some photos shortly now that I know there are actually people out there that would appreciate it.

  2. You might also look at Angela Thompson's book on Romanian Point Lace which uses crochet braids as a base. You'll also find references for needlelace on the Lace Fairy's website and the Guild of Needle Laces: