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Friday, July 27, 2007

kitty: belated FO

Somebody’s boring me … I think it’s me. - Dylan Thomas

The Specs:
Pattern: Nashua Relax Pattern Book
Yarn: Nashua Hand knits Creative Focus Chunky in Orange
Cost: An extremely sweet gift from Mia
Time: 1wk (It has been done for months)

I have been really lax about posting this FO. It has been setting in a pile that needs to be photographed for months. For one reason or another I have been too lazy to set up the timer and M has been too lazy to snap a shot. So alas the pile grows. M did manage to help me the other night get a few photos. To bad it was 90 degrees outside and this sweater is made out of super heavy wool. I think it stayed on for 3 minutes.

Thanks so much again, Mia for the yarn and pattern. I will look forward to wear it this fall, when I won't pass out from the heat.

This was my first Nasua pattern and yarn experience. The patterns are well written and there is a generous amount of yarn specified in the pattern. The yarn was actually bought for a smaller size than I made and I had enough to finish the sweater. Ok I had 4 inches left, but I did finish the sweater. The neck should have been a little higher had I had enough yarn. The pattern also called for the sleeves to be 3 inches wider and 4 inches longer. Which as you can tell would have swallowed me.

item #: A-17 1/4.5 GEAR linen
content: 100% linen
yardage: approx. 140 yds. (126 mts.)/oz. (28 gm.)
Knit on Addi US Size 0

My knitting for the week has been in a funk... Well maybe the week has been in a funk. Everything I have tried either has upset me, frustrated me, dealing with cursed yarn, or the realization that there is no way I have enough yarn for a given project idea.

Above is the latter; I started a market bag in the Gear Linen. So I wanted to include a photo be fore I ripped of the fabric.


  1. It looks cozy, although who needs cozy in 90-degree weather? The cables are really beautiful! I am sorry your week is miserable and hope that next week will be funkless.

  2. Nice pattern and great color, too. I can't believe you modeled the sweater in this heat.

  3. I am happy to hear that you had enough yarn even though I had planned on the smaller size. But you know that I always buy extra. And the sweater will be nice on those cold windy days. And yeah for M finally taking pictures of you in it. I think he probably wanted to wait until the hottest day because he didn't think you would put it on.

  4. I can not believe you put it on in this kind of weather and you lived. Looks like it will be nice and cozy for the winter.

    Lovely pattern.

    Hope your week will be better than last.

  5. Hope you have a better week!

    Love the pattern, I may have to make one when it is cooler this winter.

  6. Priscilla!
    V back at you, your sweater looks so pretty! Nice work and adore that rusty orange! You cewrtainly will enjoy it when the cooler days kick in.
    I amazingly swatched gear linen at work the other day, this stuff is harsh to work with! But it says it softens up after wash.. But in any way, feel better soon, keep up with taking care of yourself and deadlines. Hugs!!