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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

kitty: happy 4th of July... well slightly belated

The colour is melon, and as I found almost impossible to photograph. This photo is the closets colour match.

Photo from Habu's Site
Item#: KIT 51 kid mohair cape Content: 80% mohair, 18% wool, 2% nylon
Price: $39.00
Bought it from a merchant at the Knitters Connection Merchant room.

Happy 4th of July Project for me!!

It was funny; MG and I have been talking a lot about crochet books and crochet projects lately. In one of our recent aim chats she told me she bet that she would see a crochet project from me before the summer was over. Well that bet lasted about 48 hours and then I sent her a cell phone picture of my Habu scarf.

I had been playing with the pattern for a while and really running into a lot of problems. The cape is essentially done in 4 pieces. I had done the bottom two pieces and tried them on and really didn't like how they fell on me. I thought that it looked too small for my scale. Then entered the fear that if I did them to the proper scale I wouldn't have enough yarn in the kit.

So I decided to start with the knitted section and then work my way down. That way I would have the control to make it the proper scale, and also if I didn't have enough yarn to finish the next row I could just stop. Once nice thing about crochet is that there is no binding off.

One warning I would give you if you try to make the shawl is the knitting needle size in the pattern for US size is wrong. The actual size is somewhere between a 10 and an 11 not the 6 or 7 that they tell you to use in the pattern. I also could never find a chart to what a size 15 Japanese crochet hook is in US sizes. Since the 15 in US sizes is way to small.

I constructed the cape by knitting the collar and then just casting on directly from the bound off edge for the body. I essentially followed the increases in the pattern but increased 2 extra stitches in the front and back on every other opposite rows for increases.

The total construction time once I decided to do it this way took about 2 hours to finish and then another 2 days to block dry.

Sorry the colours are really off. They were taken in the basement since really wearing mohair in 98 degree weather just isn't going to happen.


  1. ROFL. I don't understand why you don't want to wear it every minute you are outside today. 98 sounds like perfect weather to me. ROFL

    It is really pretty and I am sure it will be a nice and warm this winter.

  2. Lovely...

    It has really been busy around here as of late. Glad to hear from both of you again.