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Monday, July 16, 2007

kitty: Japanese Craft books - 427737011X

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon Jp - 427737011X

Cross - Stitch Folklore
DMC Museum: Hubert Hoerth
77 pages - 2004/12
ISBN-10: 427737011X

This title has been on my wish list for a while. I had read several blogs that it was a great reference book for Fair Isle motifs. The charts were easy to translate over to knitting patters and the colours and patters were historically accurate. I would have to agree with all the positive reviews. The book is really incredible. Though after flipping through it my first though was how easy to take some of these charts and recreate some of the linen blouse embroidery that you see at Anthropology.

I was also happy that there was a facing English Translation for the Japanese text. So M's sketchy translation skills were not needed.

Ukraine- Goddesses in embroidery, Romania - Nationalities and patterns, Bulgaria - Red, black, and white, Hungary - Embroidery for daily clothes, Macedonia & Croatia - Role of embroidery, Caucasus - "The Tree of Life", Czech & Slovakia - Gifts from a bride, Turkey - Decorated towels, Poland - Embroidery for a charm, Serbia Montenegro - Beautiful stitching, Others, Patterns & Stitches

Japanese with facing English

Section on:
Historical examples broken down by Eastern European Countries and Charted Patterns in the back

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