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Thursday, August 09, 2007

kitty: habu kit #5

item #: KIT-5 fringe ribbon choker
content: acetate & polyester
price: $18.00
dimension: approx. 32" long x 3" wide
time: Like the instructions said only about 15 minutes. Once I realized that you couldn’t just split the yarn in half you have to have the second side much longer than the first for the red.

Yes, I am weak. I see a small Habu kit and I have to add it to my special Habu stash bin. The textures, colours, fibers, call my name and my credit card suddenly appears. It is really kind of funny there are very few things in life that really motivate me to such a sudden purchase as Habu yarns or bring as much pleasure. One tiny hank that I really have no idea what to use it for is suddenly ok.

I picked the kit up from Kpixie a while ago during one of their Habu kit updates. It saddens me that they haven't updated their Habu collections in a while. It seemed like it sold well, the kits were always gone soon after they were posted.

I am glad I picked up the kit, because I seriously doubt I would have ever picked up either yarns. They were both really fun to work with though. I could definitely see wearing it under the collar of a dress shirt for those boring business meetings that I seem to be getting forced into a lot lately. Habu Love to the rescue of yet another long meeting.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like it would be fun to knit, although I am not sure I would actually wear it :)