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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

kitty: Japanese Craft books - 4277172091

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon Jp - 4277172091

Loosely Translated - Seeing Lovely Threads To Wear & Playing with shapes to make small articles
Avril Yarn Shop
87 pages - 2007/02
ISBN-10: 4277172091
Avril Site
(If anyone has a better translation, please let me know. The vocabulary was really hard for M on this title)

I could really end this review by the statement that it is a book using Avril yarns by Avril. Enough said I am in love.

On a more concrete evaluation, there are several projects that have me really excited. I really want to make the white lace paper skirt. Not that I think it would look really good on me, but it is so amazing I really want to make it. I was excited when I saw the green paper shoulder bag pattern. This is a kit that I have almost purchased so many times. They just normally sale out of the colour I want before I can purchase it.

On a funnier level, I would buy this book even if I didn't like Avril yarns purely for the hidden cat photos on every page. Whether it is a clock, a sticker, and a post card. The use of hidden cats made me squeal with excitement when I saw them.

An amazing skirt made out of Linen Paper, Open vest, Full Apron, Short Apron, Vest with Multiple Collars, Crochet Shrug, Drawstring Cardigan (Similar to this one with long sleeves), Clouds and Stars, Scarf, Awesome Free form Crochet Necklace and Hair Ornaments, Crochet Leaves Scarf, Large Knitted bag, Small Handbag, Mixed Media Bag, Colonial American hat, Skull cap, Long scarf, Finger knitted vest (Detailed instructions on the other method), Felted rings and earrings, Mobil, Felted necklace, and V-neck paper sweater

Section on:
Photograph section, yarn section, knitted swatches, Charts/Instructions

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  1. title: かわいい(kawaii-cute).糸(ito-yarn/string).で(particle).あみ(ami-knit/crochet).もの(mono-thing)-"knitted goods with/using cute yarns"

    subtitle: 形(kata-shape).あそび(asobi-playing).で(particle).できる(dekiru-to be able/made/completed).ウェア(we.a-ware, clothing).& 小物(komono-small things, accessories)-"clothing and accessories made by having fun with shapes?"