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Thursday, September 20, 2007

kitty: colourmart's 100% silk yarn on cone, dk wt

Before washing out the oil

Colourmart - 100% silk yarn on cone, dk wt, amber mix SWT
This yarn is a 5 ply yarn, 5/19NM
630 yards for 15.99 buyout

6st * 9rows an inch on 3.25mm needles after washing

7st * 8rows an inch on 3.25mm needles before washing

About a week ago I was talking to Olga during her hunt for more Habu A-1 in colour 70 and she came across the Colourmart silk. At first glance the yarn really does look like the Habu A-1. The yarn is a bit thicker but it has a lot of the same subtle colour characteristic giving it a natural rustic feel. The hand and drape of the yarn is quite nice after you remove all of the industrial oil. The yarn produces a nice tight fabric using just one strand. Though it doesn't produce the feather like feel of the A-1. This yarn definitely has some weight behind it. I did get some colour bleeding during the washing process so some vinegar is definitely in order when washing the final product.

All in All... I am really happy with the final fabric and definitely happy with the price. I don't think I would use it as a carrying yarn, but more as a primary yarn to stand on its own.

Blooming after washing and finger blocking.


  1. They certainly have good prices. I am thinking of ordering a cone (or two!) of their cashmere. :)

  2. Looks rich and drapy. But you aren't fooling me...you are trying to believe it's Habu, aren't you?