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Monday, September 24, 2007

kitty: habu inspired market bag on the blocking board

The Habu inspired market bag is on the blocking board finally. I just have to block out the straps at some point today. Since it extended way beyond the actual boards size. The final size of the bag looks like it will be right at 14* 11inches which is a little smaller than I had hoped but the width that I was going for.

MG came up on Sunday so she was sweet enough to take the photos while I blocked. It was definitely a finish up FO and learning afternoon. She wound off the yarn I just finished spinning Saturday night while I was desperately trying to stay awake. (Nothing like spinning probably 150 yards and plying over 500 yards in a night) It was really amazing seeing her wind it off as a human kniddy knoddy. I was really amazed at the technique.

We had also been talking a lot about short rows and decreases/increases on aim through the months, but it just never seems like we have enough time to knit it while she is here. Since M was fast asleep on the couch while we were watching the World Cup of Women's Football she went through the techniques that she had been talking about. I was really amazed to finally see them in person. I really hope she will take some photos and share soon. I feel like my knitting skills really grew yesterday. Thanks MG.

Just had to take a photos of my other knitbuddies last night while I was working on my Habu sweater.


  1. Your knit buddies look very comfy. Mine are also seeking out more lap time as the temperatures cool off. One of the many things I enjoy about the end of summer.

  2. That's flatter than Daphne! But you don't seem to be kicking the Habut.

  3. Well, it was a good that that M was sleeping. Otherwise he would have just been annoying MG. And I like the market bag. And the girls were nice to sit on your lap. Of course, they could have sat on M just to annoy him... ;)