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Thursday, September 27, 2007

MG: it's a lovely drizzly day

you've seen the twisted ribbing and garter bands on hogarth, here is the front-panel vertical lace pattern. blue doesn't usually appeal to me, especially navy blue, but somehow this one is just right.

i'm knitting Zimmermann's february baby sweater--for a non-baby, i.e. me. i've recalculated for my gauge and measurements, casting on double the number of the specified stitches. the number of rows between yoke increases was simply doubled by extension, but i'm doubting that decision. it makes sense, since i'm much taller than a baby than i am wider (confusing syntax, eh?). i'm hoping the proportions will still work in the vein of a diminutive cardigan.

i like making granola in small batches with the ingredients i'm craving at the moment. on the stovetop and just enough for a meal. yesterday, i wanted almonds, golden raisins, vanilla, and bananas. vanilla banana granola.

on low-medium heat, put nuts and rolled oats into a dry well-seasoned cast-iron pan. sprinkle with a tiny pinch of salt. toast a few minutes or until warm and fragrant. add dried fruit(s) of choice and a pat of butter. stir until coated. drizzle with honey and a few optional drops of vanilla extract. stir until desired coloring and consistency. the mixture gets extremely hot! so let cool before eating. i like to add fresh fruit and milk while things are still warm and start in with the cereal still chewy. as i eat, the granola gets crunchier, and i get the benefit of both textures.


  1. s too funny that you are making a baby sweater for yourself. But you are tiny enough. I like the color. And the granola looks yummy.

  2. Oh what a lovely post! I've been thinking of making one of those baby sweaters for myself, but I'm scared of the calculations. I think you'll do it perfectly though.

    The socks are beautiful, and navy blue does indeed seem just right. Thanks for the granola recipe! Looks delish xxxx

  3. I always want to knit this EZ baby sweater for myself but haven't started the calculation. I am happy to see you are doing this. Much hope that you will post the enlarge details in you blog later.

  4. Good luck with the non-baby sweater; it's looking beautiful already. I love that red.