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Thursday, September 27, 2007

kitty: first installment of abby's yarn batt club finished spinning

I finally finished spinning the fiber from my first shipment from Abby's Yarn Batt Club. It really was the nicest fiber I think I have ever spun. I would highly recommend the quality of her fiber combinations. Though I am still not convinced on the sparkly aspect of the yarn. It ended up around 500 yards so hopefully Mia can come up with a good project for it. It definitely is more her colours than mine.

Sorry for the dark photos, It has been pouring down rain here since the fiber dried and I wanted to get it shipped off to her today. The colours really are more like the post on Abby's site.


  1. beautiful! I have a bunch of batts from other places that I really need to spin up one day.

  2. Very rich looking! And not Habu--good girl!