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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

kitty: I see weaving in my future - happy dance

Check out what a really good friend found at a yard sale two weeks ago!! My very own little 18 inch weave space table loom. She knew that I had been really looking for a floor loom and lamenting about the lack of space in the house. While hunting for treasures at yard sales she found this Lily Loom for $1.00. It is in amazingly good shape. I Just need to find a tool to act as a replacement for the cranks. Other than that it is in great shape and I am ready to go. I AM SO EXCITED... (Ok... I have other pieces of looms in the basement, but they are in completely broken down and who knows what parts have been lost.)

Lily Looms were made from 1920 - 1975. So I really have no idea how old the loom is. I am guessing the 70's given the condition.

I am so excited. I have been studying my weaving books and planning on my first projects. I also need to build a warping board, but that doesn't sound like it will be to hard to accomplish. Maybe people will get hand woven christmas gifts this year.... Maybe....


  1. wow, $1!! what a deal - and a loom, how exciting!!

    yay, happy dance for you ;)

  2. I think I already put in the request. And that was a lucky find.