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Monday, November 12, 2007

kitty: poco scarf fo

item: Poco Scarf
content: item #: A-129 1/1 Poco - content: 90% wool, 10% nylon colour 07 & item #: A-32B 1/12 silk mohair
content: 60% silk, 40% mohair colour 36
price:Poco was a gift from MG and 17.26 for the mohair
time: Saturday morning and evening... probably 5 hours

Well with such a wonderful habulicious weekend, I needed a new Habu FO. I had been planning on this scarf for awhile and just finally got around to sitting down and knitting it. I really love how the contrast in the two yarns worked out. I had been obsessed with the sample photo ever since I first saw it on the Habu site.

So here is my scarf it ended up being 4 inches by about 7 feet.

Thanks MG, for such a wonderful Christmas gift.


  1. Um. Interesting. Looks very warm!

  2. That is the coolest scarf. I had totally missed it on the Habu website; must go there more often.

  3. Pris, It's an awesome scarf!! And so ready for the weather, congratulations on another great Habu accomplishment!