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Monday, November 05, 2007

kitty: seaming party was 1/2 successful

I finally grew some balz to sew my Habu sweater together. Next week is MG and my Habu class and I had really wanted to wear this sweater to the class. So I really didn't have any more time to procrastinate.

Getting this sweater to the point where I could sew it together has really been an adventure. I ended up having to block the pieces about 5 times. The problem was getting the stainless steel and the paper to create a strait edge. My blocking board was to short to block the body pieces and doing half at a time became a nightmare. In a last ditch effort I ended using my blocking wires and suspended it from my shower rod under tension to finally get the edge I was needed.

After the blocking drama the fear of how to sew the sweater together began. When I tried to sew it by hand together, my lovely strait edge started to wave again through the man handling. In a fit of tears I ended up ripping it out and blocking again.

What to do, What to do.... And Olga to the rescue. I can not begin to tell you how many days I spent whining on aim about this sweater. I absolutely love the sweater, but the construction has been a learning experience. And to be honest with the stress of my job as of late, this was one more stress I wasn't handeling.

So she suggested that I just sew the sweater on a machine or serger. Now, there was no way I was going to take a serger to the sweater, that seemed way way to final. I did take the suggestion of using the sewing machine. It worked like a charm.

Though the fibers were really hard on the needles. I broke three needles during the construction and got the foot caught on 4 of the stitches. Luckily I was going slow enough that this didn't cause any problems. Just putting the needle down and then slowly wiggling the trapped stitches off. Had I been smart I would have gotten out the leather foot to use the gliding roller, but I didn't think about it until it was to late.

So now it is time for the 6th blocking to regain the texture for the sweater, but I just had to share some photos after I sewed up the seams. I was floating on cloud nine that it actually came together and the sewing worked.

The other big question is will I add the white strings along the seams to gather it slightly. I have a feeling I will do this to the sleeves but not sure about the other seams.

Yeah, I will definitely be wearing a Habu sweater to a Habu class next Sunday.

Thanks Olga, Mia, and MG for listening to my whine!


  1. Pretty sweater!!! And see you were able to find your sewing machine!!!

  2. That is breathtakingly lovely! Who would have thought you could do that with paper and stainless steel.

    But I see we've jumped off the wagon again. tsk.