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Monday, November 05, 2007

MG: unknitting

about to be frogged & frogged

it's finally properly chilly around here, and i'm thinking hats and mittens and scarves and haramakis. hubby needs a close-fitting, under-helmet hat for his bicycle commutes in the ohio winter, so i swatched for a zeebee--happily anticipating the instant-gratification knitting. the little rectangular garter swatch was met with resounding enthusiasm, and i measured and calculated and casted on.

one leaf of the beanie-style hat in, the color pattern emerging in the shortrows was rejected. the petal-shaped portion of a hat you see will have to return to ball form, and i'll be trying another yarn as i still want to knit it (the construction is extremely clever), and hubby still wants to wear a zeebee. maybe handspun; there are a lot of nice handspun zeebees out there.

the little froth of curly blue yarn in the photos is the leg of hogarth #1. i have a history of tighter second socks. somehow, the second one is always slightly smaller in gauge, usually not enough to see but enough to feel a difference while pulling them on. with hogarth #2, i made a conscious attempt to relax a bit and apparently overshot. the second sock is looser and visibly taller, so i've frogged some of #1 for reknitting.

these are events that would have remained behind knitbuddies scenes before, but since i'm blogging daily for the month, they appear here. i think i like the recording and showing of them. thanks for hanging out with us.

zeebee's last pose in the wintery light


  1. Love your silvery zeebee! The socks look pretty too, but it's hard to see the pattern. No Habu in these, huh?

  2. I really like process stories. I spend so much more of my knitting time swatching and ripping and checking and changing my mind than turning out perfect objects, and some blogs can feel like catalogues of products. Knitting is so much about the process as well as the finished item; I love finding that someone has had the courage to post the process as well as the product.