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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

MG: twinkling aspirations

a post of many links...

i'm enamored with quite a few Twinkle's Big City sweaters and have been perusing Ravelry for examples and yarn substitutions. lovely substitutes: double-stranded cascade lana grande; cascade magnum; rowan big wool (shopping tunic, hoodie). and Reunasilmukka has a post on the topic with swatches and everything.

Mouse asked about quill heads for non-Lendrums, so i googled about and ended up with lots of quill-wheel eyecandy. Japanese charkhas (note Majacraft is coming out with a quill head very soon), Penguin wheel, Dragonfly Farms charkhas, and two sideways-treadle quill wheels: one owned by Hello Yarn and the Rio Grande (i love love love this one).

...linkorama over.

1 comment:

  1. I think we all need a penguin wheel, but most of all I am so excited about the majacraft. Guess they got a lot of request I know I wrote to them about the attachment.