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Thursday, November 15, 2007

MG: worth frogging?

i started the button bands for my twinkle hoodie yesterday, picking up and knitting a long stretch of ribbing with doubt eating away at me the whole while. three rows in, i put it aside out of indecision. i'm in that awkward space of wondering whether to knit on for a sweater that will be good enough or to start over for a better fit.

the hoodie is turning out rather fitted, when i wanted a more bloused look as in the book. it's not disastrous; it's wearable. but not the vision in my head. reasons to not frog: the sweater may bloom and stretch with wear, i won't have to buy a pricey new circular, i like the tight, nubby texture of the current fabric. reasons to frog: the current gauge eats up more yarn and i'm running low, the pockets are less tall than i'd like, the hood more shallow, it took only two days to knit the body, and it's just... you know... not quite what i had in mind.

Kitty Kitty advised me to finish the sweater, block it to the desired size, and wear it at least once before i decide... i don't know... i think it's good advice and would definitely help. but i'm also thinking i'm not a hard blocker. other than lace, i like my knits to be in a relatively relaxed and elastic state. and i'd have to wrangle it to the correct size every time i wash. and all the little sizing problems would trouble my sense of security when i wear it...

i think i've decided to frog.


  1. as i was reading, i was thinking the same thing - frog it! there are good reasons not to, but i think if the knitter herself is leaning that way, then that's what should be done. can't wait to see what it looks like ~ the twinkle patterns are really fun, and i know yours will turn out fabulous.

  2. I think you have too. If you're not happy now, you never will be. Good luck! (Think of the new circ as an investment. For all the other chunky knits in your future... :) ) xx

  3. I agree with Kitty Kitty. Finish it and block it out and wear it once. Give the sweater a chance.I will volunteer Kitty Kitty right now to block it out for you. We both know she is a hard blocker. If after blocking it and wearing it once, I will volunteer to frog it for you.

  4. If u r still so bugged by it, ur mind must b telling u something. Sometimes at this point it's always so hard to decide what to do.