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Monday, November 19, 2007

kitty: Japanese craft book -B000WOS7QIz

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon JP - B000WOS7QI

"NHK books Osyare workshop"
108 pages - 2007/10

I just walked by the magazine stand on Saturday and saw this new magazine was in. The leaves on the cover made me pick up the magazine instantly and I was just amazed by the projects inside the pages.

You know, I really think Americans should take a note on the quality and project scopes of Japanese magazines.

Patterns: Craftsman Section, Korean Embroidery, 3D Leaves/acorns/roses, Amazing section on construction of a saddle shoulder cable sweater, Festival Mask and Kimonos, Miniature small box and scrolls, An anti aging facial massage, Beauty Hair and Makeup section, Manicure section, cute crewel owl (think the penguin that is so cut on the anthropology sweater)

An your anti-aging massage step by step.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, those acorns… I love them. Why don't I ever look at magazines?
    Now I have to get this.