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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MG: Germantown, Ohio

swatching stripes and jog techniques

drove down to Germantown, Ohio this past weekend to see Ball & Skein, a charming little yarn shop just opened this year. daytonian ravelers have been saying lovely things about this place, so i wanted a peek. also, i think the Fleece Artist fiber in my stash is from them. it's a tiny space with a small but thoughtful selection. things are packed in tightly (people included) and in an orderly fashion. i found a friendly group of happy knitters (proprietor included) tucked into armchairs, knitting away. cozy.

i remember seeing: rowan, cascade, dream in color, fleece artist, o-wool, green mountain spinnery, lantern moon needles, and some indie-dyed yarns. she also carries a colorful supply of the aforementioned fleece artist fibers and some undyed roving. i've wanted to see Green Mountain Spinnery yarn in person; they have some good sustainability practices in place. the two skeins of cotton comfort (above) i brought home are lovely--tweedy, rustic, sophisticated.

downtown Germantown was also charming. diners, a local hardware store filled with goodies, town press; stroll-friendly; gardens, brickwork, ironwork, medallions, moldings, and a covered bridge.


  1. The cotton comfort looks truly lovely. What are your plans? xxx

  2. I am so envious. We have two kinds of yarn shops here: Regia/Bliss and waaaaay expensive. No Fleece Artist, no cool sock yarn, no cool anything, for that matter. Sigh.

  3. Ohhh, can't wait to visit Germantown the next time I'm back in Ohio. The yarn shop sounds great and I love covered bridges. Thanks.!

  4. As a resident of Germantown I hope all of you come to visit. This is a small Village but lots to do.

    The lovely proprietor has done a wonderful job on the store.
    Y'all come