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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

kitty: start of a hat kit

Terra Bella Spun
SWEET BUTTERFLY 3ozs. - Fiber Batt
Merino, Superwash, Bamboo, Wool top, Glitz

A couple of days ago, MG sent me a link for Terra Bella Spun fibers. She knew that Rising sun would be calling my name loudly and it did I ordered right away.

While I was ordering, I picked up this colour way for Mia for her hat project. I have kind of mixed feelings about the fiber. The colours were a lot of fun and it was super easy to spin except for the black fiber that seemed slightly felted and clumped every time I hit it. So we will see how I feel about the Rising Sun batt that I ordered.

The other half is spun through a new technique from PluckyFluff's new book Interwined, but it was to dark last night before I soaked it in hot water.


  1. Its VERY pretty! You've now got me interested in checking out that spinning book for new techniques.. I'll have to page through it next time I'm at the book store!

  2. Lovely colors. I've made the observation in my short life of a spinner, that I almost always have problems with black dyed fiber. It always sticks together more than the other colors. I still have some fiber with black in it, but in the future I don't think I'll buy any more with black in it.