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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MG: pointy

when i knitted the heel flap motif of Twisted Flower as written, it didn't work for me. it seemed loose and bumpy on my foot, so i had to make up my own. i wanted something that began or ended the patterning in the leg, but the stitch pattern is so intricate and beautiful, it was difficult to match. i made several attempts then had to let the sock marinate for a long while. i think i finally have a version for keeping. it looks rather pointy. hope it doesn't rob the pattern of its curvaceousness, which was what i loved best to start.

kitty intervention


  1. I like it. It draws the point down the heel. And kitty intervention looks like it was needed.

  2. That sock is gorgeous and so is the kitty. :)

  3. I'm amazed by this pattern. It looks so intricate. Cute kitty, I'd love to be intervented by her. :D