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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

kitty: Paper Yarn & my new KIT-27A "shippo" paper and silk stainless steel jacket

item #: KIT-27A "shippo" paper and silk stainless steel jacket
content: #: A-60 "shosenshi" paper - Habu and
Habu silk stainless
time: 1wk
price: original kit off ebay $36.00 though I used khaki yarn instead

I have to say that I absolutely love my new Shippo tail jacket. It still needs buttons which I am having a lot of problems find ones that will work. So I ordered the ones that Habu showed with the kit. Especially since they were only 17Cents a piece.

I did made two changes to the jackets. I changed the arms eye and increased the cap on the sleeve to give my shoulders a little more room and I didn't make as sharp a tail in the front. I wanted to move it away from my hips.

So you can see the front and the back of the tails. :)

We all know that I have been obsessed with paper yarns and paper clothing as of late, so I just thought I would pass on some of the resources that I have found for paper yarns. I haven't tried to order from any of them. Though I do have some linen in my stash from Borgs Vavgarner that I purchased from a weaving store that went out of business.

Paper Yarn

Art Van Go
Borgs Vavgarner AB
Oji Fiber
PaperShed C/o Fibercrafts
Semac SAS
Somic Pic
Welcome Trade Company - South Korea


  1. I'm so impressed that you knit this in a week!!! I love it! Doesn't it make a wonderful rustling noise? I loved the buttons on your Flickr site - why didnt' they work?