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Thursday, April 17, 2008

kitty: Holtz and Stein available at Catherine Knits

I am needle obsessed. It is probably has been clear for awhile about that matter. I enjoy trying multiple brands, different materials, seeing what tips work best for me and it has becomes an obsessive hunt for a completes.

So my big news is that Catherine at Catherine Knits in Brooklyn just got in her yearly shipment of Holtz & Stein this morning. They have arrived: sizes are from 2.5mm through 4.0 in rosewoods, including 3.25 and 3.75. DPNs are in the same range.

Holtz & Stein Sizes

2.5mm =   US1
3.0mm =   US2
3.25mm = US3
3.75mm = US5 (for the US market only)
3.5mm =   US4
4.0mm =   US6

Note: I have ordered from Catherine twice now, and it was a delight both times. The order arrived well packaged and quickly after I placed the order. Though she warned me this morning she is swamped.

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  1. I ordered some H&S needles from Catherine a few years ago and I was so happy with the service. She's nice on the phone too-she suggested I not knit ganseys on the needles which makes me laugh to this day.