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Friday, April 18, 2008

kitty: buttons, buttons, who has the buttons

HAPPY DANCE..... I just got my recent order of buttons from Habu. Ok I really do need to get on the 12 step program when I have to order my buttons as well, but they are just so wonderful.

1. I Admit that I am powerless when it comes to HABU.
2. I believe that there might be a greater yarn power outside of AVRIL, that could tempt me away. (I just haven't found it yet.)

See I am stuck at step 2..... and there are 10 more steps to go.

BO-12-1 With Flash they look very different
Made out of Antler - kind of raw texture and with a brown under tone
Made out of Rattan and hollow inside
Made out of shell with a black edge


  1. Oh, the top ones exactly what I need for my lamb linen jacket in light grey! [They're on a 4 week back order list!]

  2. Great buttons! What a bargain!

  3. They are all quite sophisticated-looking. But they are not helping your Habut.

  4. Beautiful (especially the first set)!