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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MG: a peep from me

sorry i've been so quiet for so long. i've had knits i wanted to show and thoughts i wanted to share, but i simply didn't know how. my blogging impulses are shifting... maybe because so much else in my life has changed; maybe i'm just ready to sprout branches, but i find myself wanting something different from this space than i'm used to.

when Kitty Kitty and i first started blogging, i was focused on the how of knitting. for me, it was records and musings to understand knitting techniques and the process of starting/continuing/completing knits. those were the things that fascinated. along with that, i had other hopes--that in charting the how of something finite, i would learn a bit about how i worked with non-threatening work in hand, since i was stuck on that part of my life. still am, probably.

but now i find myself wishing to look outwards, wanting the inspiration, purpose, and art aspects of craft. i want to boil down what i know, tend to the parts of knitting that feed me, and make things that are singularly meaningful--not just in the general richness-of-handmade-things sort of way (though that is good stuff) but personally meaningful somehow... probing the emotional and intellectual purposes of the things i craft. i'd like the objects themselves to say something, to me. up 'til now, i think i've mostly parleyed with the process. i don't know where i'm going; i don't know how my blogging will change; for now, i'm mostly a jar of questions... but winds are shifting.

* * * * *

serendipity carried me off to Tokyo a couple of weeks ago. it was an amazing trip; i still scarcely believe i was there...

tasty drinks & foreign currency

Asakusa Shrine gate

what Asakusa Nakamise *felt* like

handknit socks beneath the okonomiyaki table


  1. I hope you had fun in Tokyo--your post made me homesick.

    Most of us who knit find that are tastes and needs change over the years. I hope you share them with us.

  2. I agree with Fleegle. I can't wait to see what direction you take with the blogging..
    Its important to make sure that your style reflects who you are as a person now and that it changes as you change.. its what makes blogging (both the reading & the writing) sp interesting.

  3. i like the "feels like" pic hehee