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Thursday, May 29, 2008

kitty: Jumping on the Chinese Tunic (Habu Kit 89) Bandwagon

MG reminded me the other day that I have been really quiet on the blog for awhile. Then I got to thinking where has this month gone.....

It seems that so much has happened this past month; client mergers, travel, more work than anyone should try to accomplish, really sad news from loved ones and friends, and some good as well. So sorry to be so quiet.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. I did finally get to take some time off over the weekend mainly to just hide from being an adult with that R word looming.

So what has been going on in craft world on my end:

tem #: Kit-89 Habu Chinese Tunic
content: 2 strands of A-60 in Red and Charcoal
time: pretty fast knit

Negative: This is the first time that I have purchased yarn from Habu and it was full of knots of broken threads. There were so many I didn't want to count.

The Estonian Cast on edge really reminds me of the paper loops you make as a kid for a toy necklace. The best thing about it though with three rows of moss stitch it created a flat professional edge.
11 Buttons from Olga with crochets button holes

Though the one question that I really had while knitting the pattern is whether a 1 thread raised stitch would have worked better than a slipped stitch with the way that I knit.

One Thread Raised Stitch - dropping one stitch down three rows and picking it up purl wise
Slipped Stitch ( Slipped Stitch No. 1) - slipping the stitch purl wise & then wrapping around the stitch to the back on each row each row following
When I first started the sweater I talked with Olga to see if I was missing something with the way that I was doing my stitches. The close up of her stitches , click here appeared more like a honeycomb while mine looked a lot less polished.


  1. Most interesting. Is it comfortable to wear?

  2. The tunic looks great to me. I've got the kit in purple and khaki. I'll have to try that Estonian cast on.

    sorry life has been overwhelming lately. Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Your tunic looks great. I am working on mine right now and it is my fifth Habu garment, but I am stymied by the schematic and the appearance that right and left sides look so very different with a +12 increase on the left and a -27 decrease on the right. Surely, I am missing something obvious as everyone's sweaters look perfectly symmetrical. Thanks if you can offer help.