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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MG: second february

just back from california visiting friends and giggling/playing/bouncing with their tot and new baby. knitted along on my second february sweater (this time baby-sized) for said baby during the trip. i'm using blue sky dyed cotton. the mommy is charmed by the muted blue (a hint of green in some lights), and the sweater is really rather cute.

sad cellphone pic of a pleasant time

Ava, Monika, and Philippa inquired about cold brewing tea. here are links with more information on proportions and procedures. i've been putting about 3 spoonfuls of loose-leaf tea into a 1-liter jar, filling it with filtered cold water from the faucet, then leaving it in the fridge overnight. refreshing, thirst-quenching, and simple. incidentally, we also really really love this cold-brewed coffee recipe.

mmm, cold-brewed coffee & chicory


  1. Thank you for the links! I love this blue, no wonder the mom is charmed by it. So lovely! :o)

  2. Thanks!

    The sweater is lovely - love that pattern.