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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MG: cold-brewing tea

deliciously defies the laissez-faire brewing

loose leaves and water left in the fridge. mild. cool. reminds me of machida where i drank bottles and bottles of cold green tea. earl grey and oolong so far. sencha and jasmine and assam yet.


some very good people remembered me...

...and the memories of my mom this mother's day


  1. *hug*

    Though I have to know where you got the bottle???? What have you been hiding from your knitbuddy

  2. heeheehee, ikea. very useful things. want to drive down towards me for a few of your own? ;)

  3. I like that bottle too. I'm gong to make tea when I get home. Did you heat the water at all to make it or just put tea leaves in room temperature/cold water?

  4. Could you tell us more about making cold tea? I drink tea every day, don't like iced tea, but would love to give this a try. Can you use any kind of tea? Thanks. Oh, and the bottle looks great too.

  5. Mmm, oolong.

    Cold-brewed tea sounds amazing. Do you literally just put tea leaves and water in a jar and leave them in the fridge to sit for a bit?