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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

kitty: how far does a skein of habu yarn really go?

Habu item #: N-45 3.5/1 cotton nerimaki slub

I would be the first to say that I have a huge fear for running out of yarn. I always over buy for any project and I have no idea how to estimate how much yarn it will take if it is one of my designs. So we will not discuss the closet. :)

So it really did strike me when I was at TNNA in the Habu booth one of the store owners was in total disbelief that the little skeins really do have a lot of yardage. She was almost arguing about the fact that there had to be nothing in that little ball.

So I thought I would share and hopefully dispel the belief that there is no yardage in those little mysterious skeins. The sweater up above measures about 57 wide by 7 inches tall and that is all from one skein of yarn.


  1. I concur - a little Habu goes a long way!

  2. The Japanese can shrink anything down. You should see what they do with chicken breasts. They are about the size of a large egg, but somehow they unfold to full size. Incredible!