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Monday, June 16, 2008

kitty: knit life in Columbus, Ohio - where to find Japanese Craft Books

The power of the blog....

It is really funny, I walked into Hana Gifts and was shocked to find two new shelves of craft books at our local Japanese gift store. I carefully combed through all the books and found 4 titles that were calling my name.

So I went up to the front counter and ask the woman behind the counter about all the new craft books. "She said well we are all shocked around here. We keep getting in customers who don't speak Japanese buying up our craft books so we decided to increase what we carry. And oh my goodness these customers spend a lot of money. "

Then she asked me why would someone want Japanese craft books if they couldn't read them, and I told her that they were the best craft books on the market. In confusion she rang me up.

She then asked I wonder how people are finding out we have them, and I told her every wonderful person who ask me about where I buy my books get directions to the store.

So the power of the blog works.... Hanna Gifts has really increased there craft books. Go Check them out!!!!!!

I SQUEELED in excitement when I called to let MG know the great news. Japanese Craft Books are just so cool!


  1. So what did you get? Yum!

  2. How did I not go here! I demand adorable Japanese cuteness!

  3. My reaction? Well done you. I must buy some Japanese craft books too.

    Also wanted to drop by and let you know that I have a free Elizabeth Zimmerman book on offer. Come visit me and see.